Digital Skills Workshops

How The Internet Works!

Registration for classes to begin January 2020 will be announced soon. Each workshop runs for a total of 8 hours in a one week duration.

Weekday classes run every Monday to Thursday from 3.00pm – 5.00pm for one full week duration!

Weekend classes run on Sundays only from 3.30 – 5.30 pm for a one month duration!

This is a one week / month digital skills workshop that will take place every month from January – November 2020. You can only join a new class at the beginning of every new month starting in January.

Certificate of participation will only be awarded to those who do not miss any class during the duration of their workshop.

What we will learn!

Basic Digital Skills

  • Introduction to Computers and the Internet
  • Learning how to retrieve information and communicate over the internet
  • Learning how to use the internet to present, share and sell your services
  • Learning how to solve your problems using the internet
  • Learning how to stay safe on the internet and not break any rules

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Brief Introduction About Us:
Uwani Hub is located inside GeoBajas Hotel and we are set to introduce digital skills freely to women and young people in Ijebu-Imusin and environs. We are running one month workshops from June to November 2019 and we will be hosting one day trainings from time to time. We also plan to have a summer camp for teenagers this August. Classes for June is done and July has begun, runs for one month, a certificate of participation will be issued only to those who do not miss any sessions. To register, please visit, If you need a space to work, we also rent out co-work desk spaces, see our membership page for more information at:

We have just three rules.

  1. Don’t be a jerk, be respectful and kind in our online and offline communities
  2. Our hub is a safe and sacred space for people curious about tech, let’s keep it that way, no discrimination allowed, all beginners are welcomed.
  3. Be open and willing to share your knowledge with the community, everybody knows something.

NB: You can ask any questions on Technology in this group, we are here to assist you in finding useful answers relevant for your personal and professional growth. You can see some of our answers for Nigerians here too:

P.S – We understand some people may not like whatsapp groups, you can join us on our Slack Workspace using this link:, or subscribe to the mailing list on our website to get updates from time to time (sometimes we give our free swags (t-shirts, stickers, etc).

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Digital Skills Workshops Events

Smartphone Photography Masterclass

Location: Uwani Hub

Time: 01.00 – 02.00 pm

Date: June 9th 2019

Come and learn how to take great photos using your smartphone.

We will be hosting a Mobile Photography Masterclass in partnership with our friends from Lagos. We share practical tips on how to take great photos using only your smartphone and or DSLR if you have one.

How to get pre-approval before taking photos of people, and understanding what kind of pictures you can post on the world wide web. We will also look at some free photo sharing websites during this meetup.


Yaay, we are taking part in the Equals commitment

We recently got nominated for the Equals Digital Skills Fund in the first quarter of year 2019. To say we were excited and grateful to whoever nominated us for this grant would be an understatement. Not forgetting to be thankful to the Web Foundation team for selecting us to be part of this program. Needless to say, only 10 Non-Profits were selected and we are part of them.

This program is managed by the World Wide Web Foundation and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the EQUALS Digital Skills Fund will support a range of capacity-building trainings to advance women’s digital skills, active citizenship, and civic participation through technology.

We are committing to running workshops, outreaches and presentations for the next 9 months. Our target audience are girls in secondary schools, women in the educational sector and girls/women who are not in school and have no hope of advancing further in their academic lives. At the end of this program, we plan to have impacted on a significant number of girls and women. We will be publishing updates regularly and sharing information on impact made.

We thank the Web Foundation. We thank the German Development Foundation too.


The future of Edtech in Africa – What I See It Become

Recently i sat an a EdTech panel at the African Women in Technology 2019 conference, and i was amazed to see participants come from all over the country, as well as far Katsina. It felt liberating being given the opportunity to share, learn and make an impact. Before the conference, i was asked some questions about EdTech in Africa and i would love to share my answers with you as well.

Interviewer: As a professional who teaches digital skills, what does technology represent to you?

Me: Technology represents to me three things; Freedom, Empowerment and Actionable Resource.

Interviewer: Why did you choose this career path?

Me: It chose me. Just like philosophy is known to be the foundation of all disciplines. Educational Technology to me is the bedrock of how we will possess knowledge in the future.

Interviewer: As an EdTech professional, how receptive have the African women population been to Educational Technology?

Me: On a scale of 1 – 100, 100 being the highest, based off my experience and attendance seen at women dedicated conferences, such as the AWIT2018 and the Summit for Women and Girls organised by the Web Foundation last year. I would score women’s’ participation in Edtech, 15 (I earlier said 50, i may have been too excited). The focus though is more on securing jobs in STEM and embracing it, rather than adoption of tech in what we do everyday and teaching the next generation how to be ready and equipped for the future.

Interviewer: As an African woman in tech, what is the most significant challenge you have faced professionally?

Me: That would be working remotely in the sense of not having a brick and mortar shop. The work we do is one we can carry out from anywhere, so long as there is electricity and reliable internet connectivity. This also means that we do not need to operate a physical office. The implication of this is that clients who prefer to walk-in to request for our services are not able to do so. Even though we are able to manage our remote processes efficiently, some clients would still insist on physical contact when it is clearly not needed.

Interviewer: Where do you place the value of EdTech in the next few years in Africa?

Me: I see it saving the current degenerating educational system we have in Nigeria. I see it opening new frontiers in personalised learning especially in areas lacking access to internet and its technologies. I see it becoming a norm, and a strong tool for the economic liberation of most African countries, especially our dear country, Nigeria.


What does it mean to be digitally skilled?

You have probably heard a lot about digital skills – seems everyone is talking about it these days. It has become something every individual is expected to possess. While different academicians and professionals have given different meanings of what they believe it means to be digitally skilled, our best definition of what this means is simple and thus:

To Leverage information, communication and technology for personal and professional development.

You are probably thinking, so what is ICT (The acronym for Information, Communication, and Technology). That, we will break down in another post.

It’s actually really simple? Think of it as personalizing your use of technology to achieve your goals in life. There is an overlap between our personal and professional lives. For instance, what used to be our personal news now seems like public news.

Ask yourself, how do I need to use technology?

When you can answer that question, then you have discovered what digital skills you need to possess to achieve your goals.

The point is, ICT has cut across all spheres of our lives today so it is important that we leverage upon it to improve ourselves and our way of living, not just personally but professionally. This is why we take on that simple explanation of what it means to be digitally skilled. It’s also where the future of EdTech gets interesting, because we may be in the same classroom but what I need to succeed may not be the same as what you need. However, there are some skills everyone, regardless of background, field, gender, or any other reason should possess.

At the end of the day, we should all strive to be good humans. Technology is a tool we can use to get us to where we need to be!

Digital Skills Workshops ICT Programmes

How Do You Tech Weekend Girls Club

Target Audience:

Stay at home moms, teachers and girls in or out of high school/college curious to learn how to equip self with digital skills.


Saturdays only. 11.30am – 2.00pm. Four weeks (10 hours total)

Workshop Outline:

  • understand the importance of communicating securely
  • set up an email account
  • communicate with others digitally using email and other messaging apps
  • use word processing applications to create documents
  • share documents with others by attaching them to an email
  • communicate with friends and family using video tools
  • post messages, photographs, videos or blogs on social media platforms
  • use the internet to find information that helps me solve problems at work
  • use appropriate software to present information to others
  • use appropriate software, including a spreadsheet, to manipulate and analyse data to help solve problems at work
  • understand that different digital tools can improve my own and the organisation’s productivity


Achievement gained through this short course will be assessed by one assessment test (practical & written) to be held at the end the programme.

Certificate of attendance will be issued by How Do You Tech Ltd

Workshop starts:

April 01 2019 (Places still available)


Free of all charges, except your commitment to the programme and enthusiasm to learn.

Register Here.

Digital Skills Workshops

Why you cant be a digital illiterate

We already talked about what it means to be digitally skilled. So how do you know if you are digitally skilled already? It’s simple. If you possess ‘the ability to find, evaluate, utilise, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet, you are halfway there.

Why halfway there though and not a 100%? I will tell you why!

I am sure you have heard it said somewhere before that we live in an information age and there is information overload. Well, to a higher extent, this certainly holds through, the information overload that is. So how do you get close to being a 100%? Again, the answer to that is very simple.

You have to be a master at retrieving useful, accurate and actionable information, otherwise you are going to waste a lot of time roaming the world wide web for answers. This is what the How Do You Tech organisation seeks to address. To prevent every individual from going deep down into a rabbit hole every time they seek knowledge.

Here are two reasons why you cannot afford to be a digital illiterate.

  • Organisations are evolving digitally – Some years ago, after we graduate from high school, our parents typically send us to a secretarial school where we learn how to type on a typewriter. Today, chances are high that you end up in a computer school. Also every job description today will read, ‘must be computer literate’, so really no one can afford to remain an illiterate digital wise.
  • Starting a business/career/side-hustle – Whether you will work in an organisation or run your own business, or build a career, you need to be digital illiterate. Today, your employers will ask to see your portfolio online. Your customers will ask to see samples or pictures of your work. To let people know about that your side hustle, you need to broadcast it online, you get more reach by so doing.

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ICT Programmes

Basic ICT Skills for Complete Beginners

Target Audience:

Total beginners on computers. Highly recommended for those who have done their SSCE/G.C.E. O’ Levels and are awaiting results or admission into the University. Also recommended for stay at home moms, teachers and old & young people curious to learn how to efficiently use the elementary functions of information and communication technologies to retrieve, assess, store, produce, present and exchange information, and to communicate and participate in collaborative networks via the internet.


Evening Sessions – Monday to Wednesday, 5.00pm – 6.30pm. Four weeks (6 hours total)

Weekend Sessions – Sundays only, 03.30pm – 5.30pm. Four weeks (8 hours total)

Course Description:

This introductory course is ideal for those who have no experience with computers. This course will cover the basics of using a computer including basic use of Word, Excel, Email and Internet. At the end of this course participants will sit for a short test to demonstrate the learning achieved. If they successfully pass the test, a certificate of achievement will be awarded.

Course Outline:

  • Basic skills in using a computer & multimedia technologies
  • Basic use of internet & introduction to WordPress blogging
  • Character development (Ethics in ICT), the role of ICT in the world of business and new trends/future directions of ICT.


Achievement gained through this short course will be assessed by one assessment test (practical & written) to be held at the end the programme.


The candidates will be awarded a certificate by ‘How Do You Tech Ltd’ based on their performance after all the evaluations. Candidates must obtain an average of 60% in order to be eligible for a certificate of completion/participation.


Free of all charges, except your commitment to the programme and enthusiasm to learn.

Register Here.


We Are Now Open

We are excited to launch and open our Hub to young girls and women in the neighbourhood. It seems like yesterday we were planning, but today we are set to accommodate and inspire.

Our hub is open from 9.30am – 5.00pm every weekday. To use our hub as your workspace or to register for our free ICT training, please click here.

For bookings and Events, please send a mail to hello{at} or send a message to +2348093944674 and a representative will get back to you asap.

We are closed on weekends.