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My Summer Camp experience – Lawrence

My name is Lawrence. I am 14 years. I want to talk about how I got here.

My dad came across the advert for the summer camp and informed my brother and me about it; I was delighted to come to the summer camp.

We were supposed to arrive at the camp on Sunday, but unfortunately, my dad was busy, and we didn’t get to the camp until the following day.

I met some boys upon arrival, and we had an introductory chat with each other; hence we became friends. We have our workouts in the mornings before breakfast and heading for classes.

I learnt several skills such as photography, videography, arts and crafts and t-shirts printing. I also acquired knowledge in WordPress design, development and Blogging.

My sole purpose here has been duly met as I have been curious about how a computer operates, learning about email accounts, and be able to type conveniently.

I am grateful to everyone that has participated in hosting the summer camp. Thank you to the facilitators, Mary, Human Made, Yoast, GeoBajas Hotel, Uwani hub and the WordPress community.

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