Uwani Hub Summer STEAM Camp 3.0 (2021)

Arts time at Uwani Hub Summer STEAM Camp 2.0

Registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis as limited spaces are available. Parents are to provide a Laptop PC for their ward to use throughout the camp. This happens every August beginning the first week and running for three weeks, every year! Open to pre-teens & teenagers from ages 10 – 17. The dates for… Continue reading Uwani Hub Summer STEAM Camp 3.0 (2021)

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Building our New Village Hub

Proposed Sketch design Front View Right Side View Left Side View Rear View More information to be updated as they are available.

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Coding Summer Camp 2021 Schedule

Mary taking a selfie with teens at an Outreach Programme

Hello again and welcome. This is the schedule for this year’s teenagers’ summer camp! Download Schedule First Week of Camp. Saturday 7th – Saturday 14th August 2021 Saturday: Settling / Checking In and Registration of Campers Sunday: Introduction to the web Monday: What makes up the web Tuesday: Communicating on the web, sending emails and…...

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Coding Summer Camp 2.0

Our Online #Coding Summer Camp for Teenagers begins Aug 3rd till 21st. You know what the best part of our camp is that they learn art, crafts, communication & thinking skills, how to code, interact & make friends!   The schedule will be updated before the end of July 2020.

Equip a Teen from a Low Income Household with a Tablet & Internet Access

95% of the teenagers who come to our village hub have little or no access to the web or a smart device in their homes. These teens are mostly from Low Income Households and they attend Public Schools in our area. Covid is making it more difficult for these teens are they are cut out… Continue reading Equip a Teen from a Low Income Household with a Tablet & Internet Access

How do we get learning PCs or Tablets into low income households?

Mary with some wards at the Hub celebrating Pop Up Festival in Nov 2019

We closed the Hub on the 16th of March 2020 due to COVID-19, our new classes were just about to begin for new and old students that week. We printed a one page sheet mentioning why we were closing and how to stay safe for the teenagers to give to their parents at home. To… Continue reading How do we get learning PCs or Tablets into low income households?

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We are staying safe and closing due to COVID-19

Uwani Hub is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Parent / Guardian / Beneficiaries / Workshop Participants, Uwani Hub is closed for four weeks amid concerns about coronavirus from today, Monday March 16th 2020. The proposed scheduled date of opening is Monday 13th April 2020 if the global pandemic has been contained by then and the world is at peace again. We understand… Continue reading We are staying safe and closing due to COVID-19

Technovation Girls Challenge

The Uwani Hub Squad is taking part in the Technovation Challenge - We are for girls any day and time YES

Our key goal is bringing tech to towns and villages, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from what information, communication and technologies are offering regardless of where they live. Living in major cities is attractive, but also living in towns should not be the reason why opportunities are unreachable. Hence, why we… Continue reading Technovation Girls Challenge