Bridget at the Uwani Hub Summer Camp 2021

My 2nd Summer Camp Story – Bridget

Hi, I am Bridget, I am 11 years old, and I want to talk about my second camp experience. The camp began on a beautiful Sunday morning, together with my Cousins, we packed our bags and headed to our hostel-like room for the girls.

Bridget's Tee branded at the Summer Camp

On the first day of the camp, Mary introduced us to WordPress and talked to us about how to be digitally skilled.

During the camp, we were introduced to Photography by Uncle Deolu, Uncle Seyi taught us how to brand a t-shirt and we all wrote our nicknames on our shirts, I wrote BTS on mine.

Then we were introduced to Videography by Uncle Sam, and Aunty Kemi taught us how to cut and sow. On Sunday, we were to visit a farm but it rained all day and we all had to stay back in the boarding house. Our roasted fish and potatoes were brought from the farm and we had that for lunch that day and played games in the evening.

The boys played football while we, the girls, played music and dance. We had a movie night that day to round up our day. This year, we also learnt what hashtags are and what search engine optimization is, and how to build a website, I have a blog already, so I cannot wait to experiment and build websites like my Mom.

All of these experiences made me so happy because I made new friends and I learnt so many new things. Thank you to all who made our camp possible and interesting.

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  1. I’m really glad to hear you had a good time, and those are good things to learn. I also feel sad I couldn’t make it again, but we all know it’s due to that pandemic, and there are better times ahead. Keep blogging and keep exploring the web and making it better like your mom does!

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