My 2nd Summer Camp experience – Rita

Hello, my name is Rita. I am 10 years old. This is my second summer camp at Uwani Hub. My dad and mom dropped my sister and me off on a set day for arrival. When we arrived, I saw Michelle and many new faces.

On the first day, Mary educated us about digital literacy skills, after which other facilitators were introduced to us. In the following days we were introduced to Fashion designing, Photography, T-shirt making, and other DIY crafts.

We wanted to go to the farm on a Sunday morning, but the rain was heavy and we couldn’t make it there, nevertheless we still enjoyed fishes as they were roasted and delivered to us.

I learned many things in this camp, including how to make natural perfumes and deodorants, even scented candles. We added essential oils to add scent to the products we made. I designed a local WordPress site using Elementor and learnt WordPress development.

 I want to thank Mary, the facilitators, Humanmade, Yoast, and the entire WordPress community, Yoast for allowing me to experience the summer camp. Thank you.

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