The Problem

Young Girls & Women in Small Towns do not have adequate exposure to the Internet, Information and Communication Technologies

It is not news that Lagos is a thriving tech town with so many activities buzzing from one end to the other, a lot of tech hubs have sprung up and co-work spaces to support people in Tech is the new best thing. However, what happens to the people who live in other towns and villages outside Lagos and in other states?

The main problem is these group of people, majority of them are not exposed to the internet or computers. Those in high school who are taught computer studies as a subject have majorly theoretical knowledge that is outdated to show for it. Some know how to be on Facebook, how to use WhatsApp, but that’s all to it, they are not ICT literates, neither are they in the know as to how ICT can be leveraged upon to improve their knowledge and better their lives.

These group of people need enlightenment on the usefulness of computer softwares for consumers and beyond that to the point where they can be prosumers of technology. We have been consumers of technology for far too long, we need to take steps to be prosumers and it starts now.  

We propose a solution, click here to read.