The Problem

Women, Teens and individuals who live in Rural Towns and Villages that are not densely populated like their city counterparts miss out on tech opportunities, education and awareness that takes place in the cities. They also do not have adequate access and proper exposure and guidance to Computer Technologies and its useful / positive advantages. This might in a way be due to the low purchasing power found in rural towns and villages making it unattractive for big tech businesses to set up tech hubs. This is the bridge we seek to gap by setting up Uwani Hub in Ijebu-Imusin.
Teenagers in most public and sometimes even private primary and secondary schools in these rural towns and villages who are taught computer studies as a subject have majorly theoretical knowledge to show for it. Some know how to be on Facebook because it is popular, and perhaps how to use WhatsApp, but that’s all tech they are familiar with. They are not digital literate enough or lack the skills needed to be, neither are they in the know as to how tech tools and the internet can be leveraged upon to improve their soft and hard skills, aid their learnings, thus improving their creative minds.

We propose a solution, click here to read.