Unlocking Opportunities

A close friend told me her story about how she lost a high paying middle management job because she could not demonstrate her use of MS Excel at the last stage of her interview. She had worked a lot in her field and had all the necessary qualifications required. Only to lose that once in a lifetime opportunity because she could not complete the Microsoft Excel task she was presented with.

At a bootcamp in finance few years ago carried out by the Davids Graduate School of Finance, our mentor explained to us why they run the bootcamps they do every year. Due to their position in the industry, they get requests from local and foreign organisations to recommend or recruit employees for them. A particular occurrence they never forgot is when at the final stage of the interview the foreign company representative had asked given the applicants (PhD graduates) who made it to the final stage a VAT form to fill and none could fill it. Needless to say they were terribly disappointed, one of the reasons they run their summer bootcamps.

They are not alone.

We come across these and similar stories everyday. They leave one with mouths wide opened in surprise. These and many more drive the core of what we do which we believe is first and foremost;

Understanding Technology

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