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A documentary made by Don Bosco Mission in Fambul, Sierra Leone - Image Source:
A documentary made by Don Bosco Mission in Fambul, Sierra Leone - Image Source:

Often times, we see people come from outside dedicating their lives to helping the helpless on our continent (Africa), I want to believe we are also a race of people who want to give back where we can, a race of people who instead of making incessant complains about our governments, want to take action and help where we can.

I remember wanting to volunteer some 15 years ago in Rwanda and my Mom was freaked out at the fact that I wanted to go to Rwanda to volunteer, I was about 19 years old. Looking back, even though I did not take the trip, knowing that I wanted to helps me understand who I am, as a person.

My goal here is simple; help build a culture of volunteering among ourselves, and our people, give back what we can, and in these case, that would be the Tech Skills we have learnt. The internet has empowered millions across the globe, I am a testimony to that and I hope it can empower at-risk young people too.

It would not be easy, because we would need to re-build our orientation towards giving back and re-train our mindset and that of our people on the value of giving back.

Organizations such as VolunteerHQ would charge you up to $620 for program fees to volunteer on a project in a selected country on the globe. I know I always wanted to participate, but never could not afford the fees.

So here is my plan. For my first project based on the documentary that inspired this line of thought, would you be interested in taking a trip to (Sierra Leone, maybe next year) the Gambia with me (Looking at September 2021), to the Don Bosco community, to teach a specific IT skill you posses to these young people for a duration of 1-2 weeks?

We can raise funds to buy refurbished mini laptops to take with us as our contribution, but no program fees!

What do you think?

If interested, please mail me. I would add more information such as cost of flights, where to stay and feeding to this page as soon as I can collate that information. Please note, you will be paying for your own flight and feeding, accommodation would be worked out between us all.

Mary M. Job

Written by Mary Job

Twitter: @maryojob