About us

Who we are

Our story is quite interesting and full of twists. What started out as an office space turned out to be a hub used to empower young people who are curious about tech.

Our Mission

In line with one of the targets of SDGs Goal No 5, 8 & 11, our mission is to promote and support the use of information and communication technologies to empower women and teenagers.

Uwani Hub Vision 2030

  1. To train 5000 teenagers and females in the use of the WordPress software & digital skills by the year 2030
  2. To build a community of 500 active contributors to the WordPress software particularly among our teenagers within our hub community by year 2030
  3. To train linguists in our community on translating WordPress to our major local language(s), build a community of Polyglots, ready to teach others what they have learnt
First set of students Aug 2018
The first set of students Aug 2018

Our approach

The Problem

There is a popular adage that says “there is no smoke without fire”. We are here because we want to solve a problem. You may ask, so what exactly is the problem? Click here to read.

Our story would not be complete without telling you a bit of her background story and why she started Uwani Foundation. Click here to read.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and facilitate the creation of hubs in different rural townships, hubs set up to explore and equip individuals with digital skills.

Our hubs are set up to provide a safe and conducive environment for women and teenagers to do tech. Hubs where they are introduced to technology history, trends, software development, robotics, graphics, and character development.

Arts time at Uwani Hub Summer STEAM Camp 2.0
Arts time at Uwani Hub Summer STEAM Camp 2.0

Support us and make an impact in our tech ecosystem today!

Our Team – The #Uwani Family

Mary Job
Advocate & Volunteer

She is a writer, an expert googler, a teacher, and an open-source advocate. She is passionate about girl-child education and she believes technology can help bridge the gap in rural communities.

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Adedayo Makinde
Facilitator & Volunteer

She is a mother, mobile and web application developer, blogger, writer [when there's extra time 🙁 ], and natural hair rocker.

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Deolu Adediran
Lead Photographer & Volunteer

He is a creative writer, photography enthusiast and traveler. He enjoys viewing the world through his Lens, iPad and iPhone.


Our Partners

How Do You Tech (HdyTech)

How Do You Tech is a tech business that believes tech is for everyone, they ensure the smooth running of the hub with their human, capital, and financial resources.

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GeoBajas Hotel

Geobajas Hotel is a hospitality business catering to local and business travellers. They give back to their community by being a partner to making Uwani Hub a success.

Noel Tock
Supporter & Sponsor

Noel is a Swiss Digital Nomad that enjoys building solutions online, a partner at Human Made, a top-tier WordPress agency (and VIP Partner). He has been an esteemed supporter and sponsor of Uwani Hub from day one and still is, today!

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Easy WP by Namecheap
Domain Sponsor

EasyWP is a managed WordPress hosting that can be used to publish your WordPress website in minutes. They have sponsored our domain name till May 2023.

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WP 101 For Beginners
WordPress Course Sponsor

WP 101 provides easy WordPress tutorial videos that have helped two million beginners learn how to use WordPress... in about an hour! They have sponsored us with a free subscription for our members.

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Caspar Hübinger
Supporter & Sponsor

Caspar works at RAIDBOXES as the Lead Internationalization & Global Strategy, a WordPress hosting agency, and has been a supporter of Uwani Hub over the years, he still is!

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eSkills For Girls Fund
Programme Sponsor

They are an independent, international organization fighting for digital equality — a world where everyone can access the web and use it to improve their lives. They sponsored us with funds to run consistent free digital skill training and outreaches for 7 months in 2019.

Zac Gordon

Zac is a JS Enthusiast & trained educator with a focus on teaching JavaScript to folks in the WordPress Community along with spreading joy and happiness in the world.

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Human Made
Supporter & Sponsor

They are digital solutions partners, with over ten years of experience transforming the way people interact with some of the most visited websites in the world. They are a big supporter of our prooject at Uwani Hub.

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Yoast BV
Teen Camp 2021 Sponsor

Yoast's mission is SEO for everyone! They are a supporter of our Uwani Hub Vision 2030 WordPress Project and they sponsored our teenagers' summer camp in August 2021!

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