Our Model

Hub, Empower & Teach Model

Since we opened our hub, we have been piloting an innovative “hub, empower & teach” model that is focused on youth impact, scalability, and sustainability.

​If we can put more effort into replicating what is happening in Lagos in other states, especially in towns, the effect will spark creativity and thirst for IT knowledge in those who are living in these townships & communities. This will in turn translate to economic growth for these people and their communities.

Co-work spaces can be found all over Lagos with huge benefits for networking and learning. The same goes for centres teaching young people how to code. A quick google search on any of these two within Ijebu environs before the year 2018 and early to middle 2019 will reveal nothing of that sort exists. We have changed that in our little way. We hope to encourage others to follow through.

So the question remains how does an average person who has just gotten a smartphone and is told google has all the answers finds these places?


First, we operate a conducive and well equipped “hub” that provides an enabling environment for teenagers and women during the day and early evenings.

This centre is designed to be a serene co-work model centre for the community, providing women and teenagers with all the building blocks they need to be empowered.

Currently charging no amount, our hub is designed to empower.


Using our “hub” as a model, we run programmes to support our teenagers and women with ICT training, resources & ongoing mentorship to empower and enlighten them on the opportunities in the digital age, with a commitment to teaching someone else what they have learnt.


Using our “Empower” as a model, we use google classroom online to encourage student peer to peer review, helping each other to grow, while we add our own feedback on ways they can improve. We also make sure each beneficiary teaches a newcomer what they have learnt while in the hub to boost confidence and more learning.

We keep in touch digitally to provide ongoing mentorship & support services. We also still need all the support we can get.

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