Our Workshops


Learn WordPress

This level is for anyone interested in Learning WordPress, the Open Source Content Management System for Publishing on the web, you’ll know how to use WordPress to build and manage your own blog or website. You’ll be comfortable adding images, video, PDF files, and using the Customizer to personalize the design of your site.


Study Entrepreneurship

Using the online / offline version of the dream builder course, you will learn the complete basic components of business planning and by the time you are done, you will have a fully functional business plan for your business.

DreamBuilder offers online courses that teach you the skills and knowledge to start or grow your own business. Courses are interactive, convenient for your schedule, and available in English. Best of all, they're free.

You would also be able to ask questions and get guidance if needed from us. To take this course, go ahead & register.


Digital Literacy For Beginners

You will learn email communication, using search engines to find information, understand how websites work, and explore the top ten Life Skills laid down by WHO & required to survive this century.