New Hub Building

To fulfil our mission, we need to finish our new Hub building.

Uwani Hub Vision 2030

  1. To train 5000 teenagers and females in the use of the WordPress software & digital skills by the year 2030
  2. To build a community of 500 active contributors to the WordPress software particularly among our teenagers within our hub community by year 2030
  3. To train linguists in our community on translating WordPress to our major local language(s), build a community of Polyglots, ready to teach others what they have learnt

So far, we have raised $3,402.41 (37%) of $9,210 we budget for the new building!

New Uwani Hub Building
New Uwani Hub Building – work done so far

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Uwani Hub is on a mission to empower 5000 women and teenagers with the knowledge to use #WordPress, the #OpenSource software by the year 2030, to learn a new skill, become a polyglot, an active contributor, and help contribute to their… Click To Tweet