My Summer Camp Experience – Ona

Hello, I am Ona, and I’m 11 years old; after my trip from boarding school, my mom informed me about the summer camp and the things I will learn; she also mentioned that I should socialize and make the best of my classes.

I was welcomed when I arrived; I then joined others in the class because I arrived late. I met a lot of people in the class and was asked to introduce myself to them. Before continuation of the fashion design class where I learned to measure, cut and sew.

I enjoyed the working out sessions in the mornings as they made me physically ready for daily activities. During the summer camp, I learned about WordPress design and development; I also learnt about blogging.

Ona at Uwani hub
Ona at Uwani hub

We were also introduced to vocational skills at the summer camp. We made several items, including a pen holder, a printed t-shirt, an extension box, solid perfume, a scented candle, and many others.

I thank Mary and the facilitators that taught me during this camp.

A big thank you to the sponsors, Yoast, Human Made and the entire WordPress community.

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