My Summer Camp experience – Oluwafemi

My name is Oluwafemi am 12 years old; when my mummy came back from work on Saturday, she told my brother and me that we are going on a summer camp. I was so excited and happy, and after about one week, I started preparing for the summer camp. I pack my clothes, and I went to the camp.

On the first day, I was introduced to entrepreneurship skills and digital literacy; I created an email address and played a game of Kahoot, which reflects on the things we learnt.

I learnt about blogging, photography, fashion designing, videography, organic care, art and crafts, t-shirt printing, how to make the scented candle, solid perfume. I also learnt how to create a WordPress website as I created one and hosted it locally; I learnt to design the website using the Elementor plugin and theme. 

We had fun moments too, in the mornings we workout and learn dancing, we play football sometimes and watched movies at night.

I appreciate Mary and the facilitators for their efforts and impacting knowledge, and I also want to say a big thank you to the programme’s sponsors.

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