Precious seated at Uwani hub

My Summer Camp Experience – Precious

      My name is Precious; I am seventeen years old. I learnt about the Uwani Summer camp through my Mom. At first, I wasn’t interested in coming, but when I heard what those who came for the camp the previous year had learnt, I immediately changed my mind because I saw it as an excellent opportunity to learn new skills.

When I arrived at the camp, I noticed that most other campers were younger than me, yet it didn’t restrict me from mingling with them.

Every day at camp was fun and educative as there were various things to learn. The facilitators impacted a lot of knowledge on me both morally and educatively.

During my stay at the summer camp, I learned Fashion designing, Videography, Website development and design. I was also delighted about the Photography classes as it revolves around light, nature, and adventure. I learnt that in any well-taken picture, there is a story, thanks to Cipet Imaging.

Precious typing at Uwani hub
Precious typing at Uwani hub

I can not forget the beautiful smell of the perfume and the incense candle we made with essential oils, thanks to our tutor Daydah.

After the camp, I will miss the delicious meals and miss sports with my new friends. Thanks to Mary, our facilitators and special thanks to our Sponsors.

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