My Summer Camp experience – Samuel

MY name is Bilesanmi Samuel; I am 14years old. I want to share my experience at the Uwani’s hub third summer camp.

I was informed that the camp would be coming up by my mom on a Sunday morning; she gave detailed information about it and registered me on their website. I was thrilled and packed my bags before heading to the camp the following day.

I met many new faces at the camp and was able to make new friends with them. We have our daily workouts in the morning before bathing, eating and heading for classes.

Mary introduced us on the first day when she enlightened us on digital literacy and showed us steps on creating emails as I needed to create one. She then set up a game of Kahoot; it was entertaining and engaging as it made us reflect on the things we had learnt.

I learnt about fashion designing, art and crafts, we made pen holders. We were also enlightened on electrical engineering, and I made an extension box as a practical.

In further classes, we were introduced to WordPress and Blogging and typing like a professional. I created a WordPress site and hosted it locally, and I also used the Elementor plugin and theme to customize the site.

I say a big thank you to those that made this programme possible, and I’m indebted to them for such a wonderful opportunity.

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