Oluwaseyi during an art class

My Facilitator Experience at the Coding Summer Camp 3.0 – Oluwaseyi

It’s a privilege to be part of the camp as a facilitator. It was an opportunity to impact knowledge on the young ones and also learn from them. My one-week experience with the kids was wonderful; we learned T-shirt print in my class and made a banner for the hub. I will always be glad to be part of the summer camp. It has changed my orientation about summer holidays, that kids can learn other things, especially trades, in a more organized setting without being too exposed to the dangers of our society.

My class started with an introduction to art elements related to printing and types of fonts and their usage.

I was excited to see the kids taking responsibility in their groups. I will be glad to take them next year. They are entertaining to be with. I also thank uwani hub for allowing me to share my talent.

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