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My Summer Camp Experience – Damilare

Hi everyone, I’m Damilare. I wanted to attend my school’s summer coaching when my Aunty informed me that Uwani hub was hosting another summer camp; because of my previous experience, I was excited, and I didn’t hesitate to register myself and my sister.

The first week for the camp came, and the adrenaline to meet new faces came upon me. Mary introduced us to digital literacy skills, and we were delighted to hear her soothing words. Our first class began on the second day; we were introduced to Fashion designing and the basic terms used in fashion designing.

It was so sad that the atmosphere on the day we wanted to visit the farm really disappointed us because it spoiled many plans. We wanted to catch some fish from the river and make barbeque which would have been a wonderful experience, but we later enjoyed the barbeque. 

We watched movies, made zobo, made pastries and ate good food, exercised like never before because health is wealth, and we made our very own Ankara shirt, we made natural antiperspirant. We were educated on the disadvantages of using some artificial ones. 

We were taught various things during the camp like T-shirt customization, Arts and crafts (DIY pen holders). In learning various artisans, I was inspired to be more creative to live a happy life. 

If there’s anything this year’s camp has taught me is that we should learn other skills apart from the one we would like to pursue for our future careers as it would help us. 

I want to thank the Founder of Uwani hub, my teachers, and everyone who made this camp happen.


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