My Summer Camp Experience – Andrew

My name is Andrew, and this is a story about my second visit to Uwani Hub.

I have always wondered when the next summer camp will be until I stumbled upon a post of uwani hub that there is registration for the third summer camp, then I ask my parents if I could go; upon getting a positive response, I began preparations for the camp.

I was so excited upon arrival at the camp. I made a few new friends. In the following days, we commenced several educative classes, including fashion design, t-shirt making, organic care classes, WordPress and blogging, and they were all amazing. We sometimes play football in the evening and did art and crafts.

Our morning routine was to exercise our body before any major activity, I also had dancing lessons, and I can now make a few new moves.

There were lots of practicals like candle waxes and deodorants; we also made printed our names on our t-shirt, we had fashion design classes that involves the sewing of clothes; it was a little bit stressful, yet the result was amazing, we also did cup decorations and the made of extension boxes,

We had WordPress classes from Christain and GeekTutor, which we created and designed a local website on our personal computers. We had Typing classes that improved my typing speed and accuracy; I put the lesson to use when Adedotun facilitated us on Bogging.

In conclusion, I enjoyed my stay in the camp, and I also thank Mary, the facilitators and sponsors that made this summer camp successful. Thank you.

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