My Summer camp experience-prosper

    My name is Prosper; I am 12 years old. My summer camp revolves around learning, fun, creativity and being productive.

On the weekend, my mom arrived from Ijebu mushin; she informed me about the camp when I heard this, I was shocked, and I asked her why I was going to Ijebu, and she said, you are going to learn new things there. So when I came back home from school, I started packing my bag. My dad and I went shopping for provisions then the journey began.

When I reached the camp with my brother, I met new faces and was introduced to them. The following day, the camp began. Mary introduced us to digital literacy skills. After that, we were introduced to T-shirt making by Seyi, who was involved in fashion and decorating T-shirts too; we did a fashion design class with Kemi, she taught us how to make shirts.

Prosper during fashion design class
Prosper during a fashion design class

We learnt Photography with the help of  Cipet imaging, Videography with the help of Uncle Sam, WordPress development skills with the use of  Geektutor, Organic care with the help of Daydah; I thank Adedotun for teaching us blogging and taking care of the boys.

I appreciate everyone who helped make this camp happen, from the kitchen staffs to the facilitators and sponsors. Thank you all.

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