My Summer Camp Experience – Christopher

Hi, my name Is Christopher; I am 12 years old. I want to share my experience during the Uwani Hub summer camp.

My dad saw an advert for the summer camp on a social media application; he read more about it before informing my brother and me about it. I was excited about the program and asked him to sign me up.

A few days later, I prepared for the summer camp and was set; unfortunately, my dad, who was supposed to drop me, got a call that kept him busy the whole day, not allowing us to leave until the following day.

After dropping us off, I met other campers and became friends with them, and we participated in classes, sports and other activities together. 

Our daily routine has been planned, and each camper had a copy of the weekly schedule to themselves.

I earned a lot of knowledge here, including WordPress development and design, blogging, fashion designing, art and craft, photography, videography, t-shirt printing, and organic care.

Before the summer camp, I couldn’t properly operate a computer and was unaware of website development, but now I am. I have also learned several vocational skills.

I am glad that I attended the summer camp, and I want to thank Mary, the facilitators and the companies that sponsored the programme.

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