Oluwatosin; My Tech Lady Bootcamp ’19 Experience

My name is Jimoh Oluwatosin. I am a student and currently training to become a software developer. I found out about the bootcamp from a link sent to me by my brother. He knew that I had been looking for an environment where I can meet ladies in tech, share ideas and network. The bootcamp seemed like a good opportunity. I clicked the link and applied, I was honestly not expecting to be picked but on Thursday 7th November, I received an email that I had been accepted. I was happy but also skeptical because of the location. So I did a thorough search of the location, the organizers and all the trainers before I was convinced, though not fully because I still did not know what to expect. Honestly I did not expect much but still decided to attend.

This was going to be my first time at Ijebu Ode so the journey felt long and tiring. When I arrived, I was amazed by the warm reception, the rooms, their elegance and beauty. The environment thanks to Geobajas Hotel was very nice and comforting. Also Uwani Hub is a wonderful place and I applaud them for the opportunities they give young children to learn technology, that’s beautiful.

 The trainers were all excellent.

Mary with WordPress

Her introductions were really inspiring. Her first class with us was just amazing. She is a very friendly and an approachable person. Thank you Mary for celebrating your birthday with us.

Ali with Business Strategies

Before the class I knew nothing about business or the process of branding. Now I can boldly say I know a lot. He is also nice, affable and hardworking.

Henry with the Programming languages

Now this was very very good as someone who is into software development, it was really helpful. I love the way he explained from the basics. Everyone had good reports about him to the extent that some even had to ask if he could teach them after the bootcamp.

Chinenye and her Legal and Leadership tips

She taught us new things, honestly information is key and with the information she gave us I feel safe knowing I can not easily be cheated.  The leadership class was also really inspiring, I was impacted by the stories she shared. I plan to consult her before I officially launch my app / website (for free I hope ).

Generally the whole experience has been wonderful. Having to learn new things, meet new and intelligent people, make memories and of course build networks. It has really changed me, opened me to ideas. I feel so much joy within me I’m glad I didn’t miss this.

This is actually the first bootcamp I ever attended. I’m grateful to Mary and Ali who organized this. I’m so thankful words can never explain it. I thank Deolu for taking the time to be with us to capture our precious moments together, he is a bad-ass photographer I must say. To everyone else who had a part to it, God bless you. Even Daniel, the young boy that comes to help. I will never forget you guys. You all have impacted me greatly. Thank You.

You can find me on twitter @oluwa_tosin_. It will be my pleasure to connect with you.

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