Dolapo at the Tech Lady Bootcamp

Oluwadolapo; My Experience at the TechLady BootCamp 2019

I am Ibitoye Opetunde Oluwadolapo, a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University, I have a degree in Geology and I’m currently studying to get a Postgraduate Degree in Computer Science. I saw the advertisement of this bootcamp on Instagram as I was scrolling through, I clicked on it and saw it was a bootcamp organized for Women in Tech, I quickly rushed to google to find more information about the program.

As I googled through I saw Mary Job and Ali Afegbua, also Nubianette consulting. I quickly checked for more pictures and I saw some photos of Mary Job and Ali Afegbua during the last Social Media Week event and also pictures from their previous trainings.

I was convinced about the program, so I registered. Then I got a mail from Ali Afegbua that I was selected.

I travelled, when I arrived at the venue, ‘GeobajasHotel’. The location was easily accessible, it was situated directly opposite the Eye Foundation Hospital. I entered the building, I was welcomed and given some items which include, Branded Tees and souvenirs. The branding was perfect. I was assigned a room, well furnished, cool also with a nice and friendly environment.

We had the opening Dinner, we had a brief introduction and it was amazing. We met Mary Job, Ali Afegbua, Adediran Adeolu. We all shared our stories, amazing stories, I learnt a lot and was enlightened by hearing people’s experiences. We all had a common aim and it is to “Solve Problems” with Technology. Subsequently, we had various sessions of teaching, I and the women were assigned several task and challenges which we completed.

I learnt new skills such as;
• How to program, how to create websites design using Html, php. I learnt how to manage database using MySQL from Mr Henry Ofozor.
• I learnt how to create and design websites using WordPress from Mary Job.
• Business branding, graphics design and marketing from Ali of Nubianette Consulting.
• Also we were taught the Legal part of starting a business and also how to be a leader, by Barrister Chineye Oragwu. My favourite quote from her was

“Be an Eagle and not a Chicken”.

Barrister Chineye Oragwu

If I go on listing all I learnt, I won’t finish because I and the women acquired so much. This program is a typical example of all you need to make it is “Determination ” and “Availability”. The selection criteria is not biased, it didn’t have anything to do with who you know, what you know or your tribe.

We were treated good, no one was left out. Kudos to Uwani Hub and Nubianette Consulting for organizing such an event focused on Uplifting Women and Empowering people. The program was free for the ladies, feeding and accommodation inclusive.

All thanks to all our sponsors, Uwani Hub, Nubianette Consulting, GeoBajas Hotel, WP101, Orion Origin, Noel Tock, EasyWP, Anita Adefuye, How Do You Tech, Deolu Adediran, thank you all so much. Thanks for believing in us.

To my fellow innovators, I also wish for us to always try to give back to the community in whatever we do. We should be kindhearted, humble, honest, and charitable with great Integrity. I love you all, you’re awesome.

I want to personally thank GeoBajas Hotel Restaurant for going extra mile to satisfy our stomachs. If anyone is travelling to Ijebu or you have a ceremony all you need do is visit the hotel. Their hospitality is top notch. Thanks for been extraordinary.

For other ladies that are in tech or will love to learn about tech and acquire new skills, do register for the next bootcamp, which will be tagged ‘TechLady Bootcamp 2020’

Ibitoye Opetunde Oluwadolapo.

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