Folashade; My Experience at the TechLady Bootcamp’19 in a Nutshell.

My name is Folashade, I currently work in a finance house as a Client Experience Executive, I remember that fateful Tuesday afternoon, (12th of November precisely)  I had gone for my lunch break and was just scrolling through Instagram when I stumbled upon the sponsored Ad for the TechLady Boot camp. Currently trying to transition into the tech space, you can imagine how excited I was seeing this. I saw it as a golden opportunity to learn, I immediately applied and silently prayed I will be among the selected few considering the platform I came across it (Instagram).  I also went ahead to share it on my whatsapp status so that others could have a chance too.

Words cannot describe the excitement I felt when I got the mail from Mr. Ali Afegbua on Thursday 14th of Nov, 2019 stating that I was one of the 15 chosen ladies to participate. As happy as I was, I was a bit skeptical about the location being Ijebu-Imusin area of Ogun state; my whole thoughts while applying was that it was going to be in Lagos, I remember a colleague of mine telling me to be careful when I showed him the mail. In his words “hope it’s not a kidnap den”, we both laughed over it but then I spoke to a few other people afterwards and then went online to investigate. My findings online erased any previous doubts and I knew I had to make it down against all odds. I immediately proceeded to take adequate measures to be here.

For me in a nut shell, I’d say the experience was indeed worthwhile and exceeded my expectations by far. Right from the mind blowing reception on the arrival day, the cozy resting place, the very intense and insightful classes by well-grounded trainers, the amazing food and bonding with fellow like minds and the fact that all these goodies were offered at absolutely NO COST was just beyond me. To think that we still had such well-meaning Nigerians who would not mind going to any length to add value to their environment was really encouraging to me and it is something I also look forward to doing in the nearest future.

I found all classes very insightful, I particularly enjoyed the WordPress class by Mary Job, founder of Uwani Hub/How do you Tech, Introduction to programming was the bomb for me because I love Mr. Henry’s approach to teaching programming, I enjoyed learning the legal tips for startups and really found the leadership class by Mrs. Chinenye really inspiring, by the end of the class she had us all ready to launch the eagles in us. I am also grateful for Mr. Ali’s DIY of Branding for startups class and the how to design Logo’s using Canva, I am confident my brand won’t suffer when I eventually launch my personal business.

I would love to end by saying a very big thank you to the organizers of this Bootcamp @UwaniHub, @Nubianette C, @HowdoyouTech, the facilitators, sponsors and everybody that contributed in one way or the other to making this edition of TechLady Bootcamp a success, you have no idea how far this gesture will go.

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