Adedayo; My Experience at the Tech Lady BootCamp 2019

I am Adedayo Ogundeji, a lawyer and freelance writer. I can be found on Twitter and Instagram as dayo_moe. The Tech Lady Boot Camp was amazing and impacted me immensely.

I saw the ad for the bootcamp on Instagram and decided to apply even though I did not expect to be selected as I did not have any tech experience. To my surprise, I received an email notifying me I had been chosen. I was very excited but then doubt set in, the bootcamp was free, feeding and accommodation was provided, it seemed to good to be true. The location was also an issue and knowing nothing about the organizers did not help.

I did my research, checked all the social media platforms of Uwani Hub and Mary Job to be sure they actually existed. I even made a phone call to Geobajas Hotel where Uwani hub is located to confirm it was actually resident there. Even with my findings, I was still hesitant to attend a bootcamp in Ijebu-Imusin but I decided to go and confirmed my attendance. I had decided that if anything felt wrong I would leave immediately.

I traveled down from Lagos on Sunday 17th, November and during the trip, I kept hoping the bootcamp was real. When I arrived at Geobajas Hotel, my guard was up and my eyes were darting about looking for any sort of wrongness but I was received with warmth from Mary and Ali and was given some materials. The check in process was seamless and I was paired with a roommate.

I expected to learn WordPress, coding and marketing for startups but I got so much more from the bootcamp. I was introduced to the world of WordPress where there is no impossibility, learnt branding techniques and creating designs and logos with canva. The introduction to programming class was eyeopening, I can proudly say I can code.

It was also an opportunity to expand my circle as I met such lovely people from different fields. I learnt a lot of valuable life lessons, the legal aspects of building a business, the importance of communication and the qualities of a woman in power. I am excited to continue learning and inspired to give back to my community.

The tech lady bootcamp was filled with a lot of memorable fun moments; the morning yoga classes, the Popup festival, celebrating @maryojob's birthday, the discussions during meals. Click To Tweet

Mary went out of her way to provide adequately for us and even got us freebies.

I am extremely grateful to Mary for making the decision to give back by empowering ladies. The facilitators and instructors were more than amazing, they were willing to drop everything to impact us. Special thanks to all of our sponsors for believing in Mary and by extension for believing in us. Thank You All!!!

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