My First Coding Summer Camp Experience – Rita

My name is Rita and this is my first coding summer camp. I heard about this Summer camp through my mummy’s friend, Mary. On the 9th of August 2020, my dad drove Prisca and I, down to the venue at GeoBajas Hotel, Ijebu-Imusin. 

My first day in class was a bit challenging because I came a week late and this is my first coding summer camp ever. I met with some of our facilitators there, to take me through the last week class which I missed. As the time goes, I was able to cope with my learning and the environment. We have 14 people who came for the summer coding camp with four facilitators. I like our Director – Mary Job. She gave the summer coding camp out for free which makes me happy because I have been looking for an opportunity to get involve in a coding camp so far but due to the high price outside there, I could not, until my mum told me about this free summer coding camp.

So far, we were thought how to open a blog and website using WordPress Open Source where I created my first free blog here (where I talk about myself, my pictures and my environment), we also worked on freecodecamp where we learnt how to code with HTML, CSS and other coding languages. Also, some professional came from outside to explain more about how to be a good robotics engineer and how to code marches.
Every evening, we do go for art and craft class, where we were thought different things like; how to use cement to mode flower vase of different shapes and design, picture stands, how to make and style hair, how to make chin-chin, pie, how to make zobo, etc. It was a great experience so far. it was a great advantage for me to be here at this year’s coding summer Camp.

We went for two different outings; our first outing, we went to farm, where we were thought how to wet plants which I did perfectly and we were also taken to the river side of the farm where we saw fish, monkeys, and that day was so beautiful that there was a Rainbow in the sky.
Our second outing was to Yemoji Natural pool, where we swam and enjoyed ourselves for more than three hours inside the pool, playing with others.

I had a great time at the camp and I hope to use all the knowledge I gathered here building things that can constantly solve problems.

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