My coding summer camp experience – Susanna.

I am Susanna,  I am 15 years old, I live and school at ijebu mushin. This year camp was interesting because we were many in this year.

This camp started August 3, 2020. I woke up, did morning exercise routine from 8:00 to 8:30 am, took my bath and ate my eat breakfast and by 10 am. Class started, our first topic was Introduction to the Internet and Front End Web Development. From there I learnt how to use HTML, we also did CSS, how to stay safe on the internet, 20 keyboard shortcuts, internet, robotics,WordPress and differences between posts and pages. Every evening we did art and craft but mostly we play games like e.g What cards, football etc.

Every Sunday’s we went on an outing or we bake cake or make doughnut and Zobo. Last week Sunday we went to farm and wet all plants, stroll around the farmhouse, we took a lot of selfies, the farm was a very big farm, we saw rainbow, monkeys and growing Ugu (Pumpkin) seeds.

We also went to the Yemoji which is a natural pool, I never knew how to swim before it was so exciting to learn how to swim. I opened my own website, from 7:30 to 10:00 which was for movie night we saw movies at night before bed which were enjoyable and interesting. The fun part of it all was the points been awarded for questions asked and tasks completed. The person with the highest point gets an award at the end of the camp.

I enjoyed my summer camp holiday, I hope to be there next year to meet new people.

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