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My name is Ogunde Andrew, I am 13 years old. On one fateful day my sister told me that there was a coding camp in Ijebu-Imushin called Uwani hub and immediately I started the preparation to go to the camp.

I got to the camp happy on August 3rd in the night because I was going to meet new people. The class started on August 4th and the first thing we learnt was how to use the internet. On the second day we started coding using HTML tags, the class was very interesting. The second and third week we learnt CSS and creating of website respectively.

Also, we started doing art and craft and playing games like the what card, playing football. And there was a day we prepared to go to farm we got to the farm very early in the morning because we need to water all the plant in the farm I was very excited because the farm was very big and there were lot of plant, monkeys and a river in the farm. I enjoyed the farm because I watered almost all the plant in the farm there were banana, mango tree, pear etc.

We went to Yemoji a natural swimming pool when we got there we were all excited to go into the water. We swam till the evening, took pictures and enjoyed ourselves in the swimming pool.

In conclusion, this is the best summer camp experience ever and I hope to attend more in the future.

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