My Coding Summer Camp experience – Damilare

I was never interested in coming for any brain tasking camp since I was enjoying my no school holiday. I got to know about this when I asked my uncle about a more interesting camp we go to normally during August, when I heard this I was heartbroken, but it was for the best. 

In this camp I learnt not some but many things about the aspect of coding, including HTML, CSS and Visual design. I hope to learn more about coding in the future and make a great thing out of it.

OK so I was asked to write a story of my experience in the camp and I’m going to shorten it not to bore anyone, the part I love apart from coding is the extracurricular activities that we do (art/crafts) we made a photo holder the first day I came, which was very fun to do, we used cement, ice cream containers, clips, and the most important, water, obviously 

With the first thing we made, you should be convinced that the remaining should also be mind captivating, in sports😋the most interesting of all, lots of dribbling, lots of lagging, lots of goals, lots of fun, that should explain all.

We went to a farm for our first outing experience, it was very stressful, we all thought we were going to a swimming pool but we were shocked, nobody expected to work that day, we even wore outing cloth not farming cloths, we watered the whole plants in a 16 acre land range, I’m not actually sure but the land was wide, in the process of watering we saw a monkey, and we made a rainbow 😎, after all the hard work, we ate and went home.

The second outing experience was the journey to Yemoji natural swimming pool, I never thought I would swim in a river but I did, and I thank God for the experience, I felt the shore of a river, really uncomfortable though, I hope I won’t experience the myth about the river, it says if you pour soap inside the water you’ll be eaten by the mermaid. 

Generally I enjoyed the summer camp, as I was able to learn and experience how coding feels, it sure is stressful but the end-product is amazing. Check my freecodecamp profile.

Thank you Uwani hub, and thank you WordPress. 

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