My Coding Summer Camp Experience – Prisca

This summer coding camp was like my last year’s coding summer camp because it is a journey that was not prepared for because the camp fell into a period of pandemic which a deadly virus was going around the world, the virus called coronavirus. 

My coding summer camp was inspired by Miss Mary Job and it was a success thanks to the sponsor and instructor, the summer camp started on the 4th of august 2020 but I wasn’t able to start from the beginning due to the lockdown and the pandemic crisis and my parent had different thought about going to the camp because of the lockdown. After a long thought, they finally agreed to let me go for the camp but my brother was not able to go because he was writing exams.

When getting to the camp I was so surprised because we increased in number more than last year. I came when they were having morning exercise, so I was given a room to drop my belongings and join the exercise which I did. It was on a Sunday so there was not much activity to be done.

My summer coding activities started on Monday and i was taught Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and that it is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages such as JavaScript.      

Learning how to code CSS and HTML was very tough and I wasn’t really interested in it cause I was an art student but I told my best friend and he told me that it not really meant for only science students that very can be involve and learn it because it can be useful for me anytime then I decided to focus and learn HTML and CSS. 

During the camp period we were taught how to code and type fast. There is a saying that says ’All work no play makes jack a dull boy’, after each coding class we did art craft,  during crafting I learnt how to make aquarium (a place were fingerling stays), we made flower vase, hair and fix wigs which was very interesting and wasn’t new because I knew how to do it but what made it interesting was that i did it with my fellow campers and the guys made it fun cause they couldn’t make hair and Miss Mary made sure they made a wig of braiding in a day.

After a week in the camp my fellow campers and I opened our fellow websites with WordPress. WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time. I created my WordPress site here.

 During this camping period we went to the farm, we went to the stream I watered the banana stem during the process we were watering a palm kernel tree and sun was shining directly to it so it formed a rainbow when we stop watering the plant the rainbow shades away, we saw a wild monkey.

This coding summer camp was the best camp I ever attended and it has taught me different things and I learned how to swim, make craft work and bake. There are all things which I would like to say about my coding summer camp. Though all things can’t be described in a few sentences.

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