My Coding Summer Camp Experience – Olatomiwa

My name is Tomiwa and I am first year Civil Engineering student in a federal university in Nigeria. In this summer camp I was able to socialize freely with everyone. I also got the opportunity to perform several activities like painting, dancing, drawing, singing, etc. Besides I was also able to share space with other people and work in teams and thus we were able to develop a friendship. I also learnt to work with other people and got the opportunity to interact with my peers as we were living and performing several activities together which created a bond among ourselves.

This summer camp was not only a place to have fun but also a great place to learn new things. In this camp I was able to learn Responsive Web Design under which we tackled HTML5, CSS3 and Applied Visual Design. It was really interesting learning this skill. This skill isn’t only helping me positively but is also helping in developing more skills and talents due to the practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. I was also able to learn some important life lessons from all the people that taught us during the summer camp.

During this summer camp I was also able to bond with nature. Like the time we went on an excursion to the farm where we weeded all the unwanted plants, we wet the growing plantain trees and were also able to create a rainbow using light effect with water. That was the first time in my life that I was completely away from technology and it helped me connect with nature. In addition, it was a great way for me to observe the natural development and be aware of the natural world and outdoor experiences like that are very important. If I am opportune to come for the next summer camp, that is still one activity that I would love to do again.

During the summer camp I was also opportune to visit Yemoji River which is a natural swimming pool. At first I was skeptical about getting in because it’s been a while since I swam in water but after I had regained my confidence in the water back, I was able to swim for four hours. These activities helped me to engage in real activities and it increased my ability to interact and understand the real people and real tasks of the world.

This summer camp also indulged me to be more active by participating in various activities. These activities also indulged me in taking part in more adventures such that I did not want to be left out of everything that was done. In addition, it also enhanced my capability to challenge myself. I was able to take part in diverse activities which helped me in developing my self-esteem in the absence of their academic competition.

During the summer camp there were also break periods and they are very adventurous and exciting. And besides, it gives us at the camp a break from the boring old routine and a whole new experience. At the summer camp we were able to relax and learn at the same time.

In conclusion, the summer camp was not only a place for having fun but also a place to learn many important things about life. Also, it helped the physical, social, and mental abilities of all of us. It also helped to teach us to be self-dependent and confident in ourselves. Besides, we learn via practical knowledge which is far greater than theoretical knowledge. Above all, we are also able to learn some of the important lessons of life in summer camp.

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