My Coding Summer Camp Experience – Esther

My name is Esther, a student of a Catholic school at Ijebu-Imushin where I live with my parents. My brother informed about the coding camp which was coming up on the 3rd of August, 2020. I wasn’t prepared but he said I must join the coding camp. The coding camp experience was wonderful and I’m so glad that I have this wonderful opportunity to share with everyone my experience. At first I was frightened just as I was anxious and eager to know what would happen in the camp, I met a lot of friends and we were all students.

We do our exercise in the morning to keep our body fit, afterwards we go for breakfast, before heading to the hub to resume our coding class, Unc Dotun and Anne were our teachers, in the classes we were taught how to Code using HTML, CSS, I also learnt WordPress, IoT, hardware and software of computer and many other things, I created my WordPress site here. In the afternoon we were taught art and craft, (how to make a photo holder) in the evenings we engaged with seeing interesting movies, my favorite was when we saw “Now you see me”.

We were shown our room but first the room did not occupy all the ladies, so we were given another room, I was taken to the room where Aunt Anu was and another girl, named Prisca.

I also partook in making Doughnuts and Zobo. I was happy because we plaited hair on a wig which is my favorite thing to do.. The camp was lively. The camp was also interesting, because of my teacher aunt Ann, she advises us on various aspects of life that can help us in the future, and this makes me like her more. And also I like her because she respects others opinion which she told us to emulate, and we should try to be one family, one other thing I learnt from her is “Cooperation among us” she said that if we work together we will achieve a better “goal”  another thing I learnt from her is that no matter what you, do or say, what matter most is to be humble and relate with others. The camp is not meant for play, but meant to learn various aspects of life to be able to fit into the society. I also learnt to be attentive and listen in class, so as to understand, “Co-operation” as she always says is the best respect you could give.

We also went to farm and we were told that there is a crocodile in the river near to the farm but I could not see the crocodile because it comes out once in a while. On Wednesday 18th we went to Yemoji natural swimming pool at Ore, Benin expressway. I have not swam in a river or pool before, but I was able to swim in the pool that day. Though it was scary at the entering of the water but at last I was able to enter the pool. We were to create a WordPress account, which I was able to achieve with the assistance of our teachers.

I really love the camp because it is lively and interesting. and I also want to use this opportunity to thank the organizer of this camp, Mary Job, I say a very big thank you.

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