My Coding Summer Camp Experience – Bridget

My name is Bridget, I am ten years old. I want to talk about my summer camp experience. The summer camp was created by Mom. We had four teachers through out the program.

During my experience at the camp, we (all of us campers) visited the farm and Yemoji – A natural swimming pool, we had  lot of fun at the farm, we watered the plant and we had a great time at the farm and at Yemoji, some of us got to see a rainbow and some monkeys.

We also got to make art and craft and play card games like jackpot and Whot. We also learned how to make wigs and doughnut.

I learnt programming too for two weeks on freecodecamp, we went through HTML and CSS. I also learnt about WordPress and created my website here.

I had a lot of fun time during the camp and I wish it was not this short, I am going to miss the activities we do here very much and I can’t wait for next camp to come. Thank you Mom for hosting the coding summer camp.  

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