My Coding Summer Camp Experience – Saoban

My name is Saoban, I am an eleven year old boy. I got to Ijebu Imushin for the Coding Summer Camp on the 3rd august 2020. At first I was scared when my parents left, because this would be my first time away from home. Later, I got over it when I realized that everybody here was slowly becoming my family.

We had our first class on Tuesday the 4th of August, when we were handed our time table. I was both excited and scared that it was all coding classes and craft learning until I saw Sunday which was a free day for outings, games included.

I created my website with WordPress and we were taught HTML and CSS and how to stay safe on the internet. We went to farm where we had a good time because we got to do farm work. I was also fascinated about the crocodile that roams the streams and the monkeys hanging on trees.

We visited Yemoji natural swimming pool which I never knew was very big because in my mind I pictured it as a small pond. From above the river looked shallow but turned out to be very deep. I had never swam before but i did on that fateful day with the help and motivation from the pool-man and Unc Dotun supervising the pool.

I had a lot of fun at the camp so I thank Mary Job for organizing this wonderful camp and I look forward to the next one.

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