My Coding Summer Camp Experience – Michelle

My name is Michelle, I am 13 years old. I school in Ijebu-Ode, and my coding summer camp revolves around learning, fun and creativity.

It was created by Mary Job, She is a good, kind, and caring person. She is a community manager of this camp and she has worked in different aspects during the camp.

At this summer camp I was taught what a web is, what we can use internet for, what is an email and the uses, what coding is, what are computer science, I was also introduced to HTML5 and CSS3. We also learnt how make zobo drink, doughnut, chin chin and other snacks.

In the evening we all have to do art and craft, under art/games we do either of this: football, whots card, joker, and under crafts we did this: pencil holder, picture holder, flower base and a fish bowl.

We also went for farming in a forest, we saw monkeys on a tree, rainbow and we were wishing to see a crocodile inside the river, we went for swimming at Yemoji, a natural swimming pool, when we arrived at Yemoji we saw that the river was deep and we were quite scared until the pool-man brought lifeguard jackets before he jumped into the swimming pool and said we can still swim, then we wore our swimming trunks and entered the swimming pool. We all had fun that day. 

I normally enjoy the nights when we see movies, before proceeding to have an hour to ourselves for any uncompleted assignments.

We were quite many for this year’s summer camp unlike last year, I hope the number increases for next years coding summer camp because the more the merrier, so I can meet, relate and learn with new friends too.

I enjoyed the privilege to be here this year, as we were treated right and treated equally. Thanks to Mary for organizing this and making it free. I am definitely going to be around for the next one.

Last but not the least, I created a personal blog; do visit:

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