My Coding Summer Camp Experience – Oreoluwa

My name is Oreoluwa, and this is my first coding summer camp experience. On a lovely evening my daddy informed me that I was going to Ijebu for the summer coding camp, I was really excited that I packed my bags that evening and I did not mind to miss any other activity for the camp.

The next day, in the morning, My daddy dropped my mum at work, before we embarked on the three hours journey to Ijebu-Imushin. Upon arrival I settled in, arranged my things and took my breakfast.

Afterwards all campers were in the hub for introductory class, where we got to know everyone’s names and get familiar with one another. That was when I was taught to create a gmail account as it was necessary for registration. In the following days we learnt how to code using HTML5, and CSS3, I also learnt how create and design a website using WordPress I created mine.

A week later we went to a farm. After we reached there, we were taken to a river to see fishes and also showed a path where a crocodile passes through. The farm looked like a jungle, we saw monkeys while we were watering the plants and infant trees, the best part was when we saw a rainbow. We also visited Yemoji Natural Swimming pool, where we swam for about four hours and enjoyed ourselves.

In the evenings we play card games and sometimes we make art and crafts, we have some things we made such as – pen holder, flower vase, fishbowl, picture holder. At nights, we have fun by seeing interesting movies.

I really enjoyed the coding summer camp, as I was able to add more knowledge, relate with people, and also had fun through during the outings. I thank Mary, Uwani Hub and HDYTech for making this possible. I hope to be here for the next summer camp.

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