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My name is Al-ameen, I am 11 years old. I wanted to go for a summer coding camp, hosted by another company but fortunately their camp does not start until next year. Then my dad called one of his friends who informed him about Uwani Hub’s coding summer camp, I was glad I will be able to attend a coding summer camp at least.

I was happy that the summer camp was free and there was free food, my mum brought some provisions for me to get prepared for camping. The following day, We drove to Ijebu together with my friend to the summer camp. Upon arrival I arranged all my stuffs and got ready for my first class. In the first class, we did an introduction to the Internet class, and the second class I was introduced to HTML, we were taught how to make background colors, font and basic things on the web when we learnt CSS.

In the following week we created our WordPress account, which is used to make websites. I am currently making my own website and you can check it here.   

We thought we would go to the farm and the Yemoji natural swimming pool on Sunday, but we did not go to Yemoji river due to the bridge construction on Sunday. We enjoyed ourselves on the farm as we saw monkeys, we also did farm-work before heading back to the camp. The following Tuesday, we went to Yemoji natural swimming pool, at first I did not want to swim in the river because I wasn’t familiar with swimming, The pool man approached and asked me to climb his back, we then went into the river before he taught me a few basics about swimming. After wards he handed me a life jacket, he then told me to go inside the river with the support of Dotman who assisted me before I started swimming on my own. I took many pictures and I really enjoyed myself. I took many photos and shared with my Parent, that was my happiest day of the whole summer camp.

I was able to learn to how to use and stay safe on the internet, and was introduced to HTML, CSS and Open source, also when I joined this camp my typing speed was on 10WPM but currently I am on 21WPM and I hope to go beyond these learning and speed in order to become a Robotics Engineer.

Thanks to Mary for organizing this camp, I hope next summer comes quick, so I can attend.

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