My Facilitator Experience at the Coding Summer Camp – Adedotun

Hello, I’m Adedotun and I was a Facilitator at Uwani Hub’s Coding Summer Camp 2.0, I had a lot of experience and encounters which I will be sharing to help encourage other people out there to go for camps and meet like-minded people.

The camp started in the first week of August and lasted for three weeks, on the first day I was at the market to get provisions, stationeries and equipments that will be required for camp activities, The first day was generally meant for welcoming campers and teenagers to the camp, unpacking of their luggages and settling in into the rooms.

Upon full camp activities I started out teaching the campers HTML5 then slowly progressed to CSS3, I made these teachings fun for them as we had breaks in between and made real life examples and practicals along as we learn.

In the mornings we start our day out by working out, doing yoga, jogging and other basic exercises that we can do to make sure we are not fatigued but physically fit. During the evenings we spend our time making art and crafts, we have made a couple of creative things.

Myself and some of the campers.

I am now able to use more interactive and explanatory ways in impacting knowledge onto people. The camp has generally made me understand how to manage and relate with kids and my colleagues better, which I am able to settle conflicts and disputes in between them, It also made me realise that I am a person who can make decisions for a group, as Mary handed me a leadership role and I handled it at my utmost best.

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