My Internship Experience.

One of the key experiences as an undergraduate is undergoing an internship, in order to gain working experience which boost employability when you graduate. For that purpose I applied to HDYTech for a six months internship at their pilot hub.

I received an email with a virtual interview date. When I realized I have to do a virtual interview before I can commence my internship at Uwani Hub, I was anxious. But as soon as i saw Mary’s face on my screen, it was comforting and the interview went well.

When I began my internship, WordPress was the first thing I was introduced to; I created a blog which paved a platform that allows me write and share blog articles which made me better on the part of being a content creator, I also made sure to keep up with tech tips and trends.

I helped people by providing a definite solution to their tech issues in the articles I write for How do you Tech. Researching on google became my top skill while learning to search for relevant answers to problems. 

I began a WordPress course on Yoast Academy which I own a certificate for right now. The highlight of my experience happened when I started contributing to FreecodeCamp through Github. The joy of helping other people with errors in their codes and giving my ideas on how to make their programs was Wow. 

I always wanted to learn Graphics design which I thought I had no hope since I submitted my CV at a web design company. It came as a surprise to me that Mary was considering all that we discussed during the interview. She sent me a link to Canva where I can learn graphics designing to my heart’s content.

My experience so far was at topnotch when i started classes on coding platforms. I learnt programming languages like HTML, CSS, Basics of Visual design etc online on FreeCodeCamp and Skill crush Camp etc.

Another fun part during my internship period was during the Summer coding period which I was lucky to attend as a facilitator. From forming a good rapport with the children during coding classes, art and crafts and movie nights etc. It was Superb.

While I had many useful experiences at How do you Tech I feel like I still need to develop my skills more. I would have enjoyed more time with the Firm, as they have made me realize that there is more to tech than writing lines of code on paper. I hope I can use my skills to help solve tech problems in the world.

You can check my blog here.
Here are also links to my Github and FreeCodeCamp profiles.

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