Arts time at Uwani Hub Summer STEAM Camp 2.0

Uwani Hub Summer STEAM Camp 3.0 (2021)

Registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis as limited spaces are available. Parents are to provide a Laptop PC for their ward to use throughout the camp.

This happens every August beginning the first week and running for three weeks, every year! Open to pre-teens & teenagers from ages 10 – 17. The dates for this years’ steam camp are August 7th – 27th 2021.

Our wards will be camped on-site throughout the camp, parents & guardians are to drop off their wards on the 7th from 11.00 am, and be around on the 27th by 11.00 am for their presentation and pick-up of your wards.

This summer camp is completely free (we only ask you to provide your ward with a personal computer they would use throughout the camp), however donations of foodstuff, equipment, & cash are welcomed!

This is not just going to be a summer learning how to code, wards are introduced to Open Source, WordPress, Reading habits, Internet Safety, Digital Skills, Knowledge Sharing, Arts and Character Development tips. They are equipped with 21st-century digital skills that help stimulate their physical and mental growth.

You can see pictures from our last 2.0 camp here, and read stories from the wards here.

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