How Do You Tech Weekend Girls Club

Target Audience:

Stay at home moms, teachers and girls in or out of high school/college curious to learn how to equip self with digital skills.


Saturdays only. 11.30am – 2.00pm. Four weeks (10 hours total)

Workshop Outline:

  • understand the importance of communicating securely
  • set up an email account
  • communicate with others digitally using email and other messaging apps
  • use word processing applications to create documents
  • share documents with others by attaching them to an email
  • communicate with friends and family using video tools
  • post messages, photographs, videos or blogs on social media platforms
  • use the internet to find information that helps me solve problems at work
  • use appropriate software to present information to others
  • use appropriate software, including a spreadsheet, to manipulate and analyse data to help solve problems at work
  • understand that different digital tools can improve my own and the organisation’s productivity


Achievement gained through this short course will be assessed by one assessment test (practical & written) to be held at the end the programme.

Certificate of attendance will be issued by How Do You Tech Ltd

Workshop starts:

April 01 2019 (Places still available)


Free of all charges, except your commitment to the programme and enthusiasm to learn.

Register Here.