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Why you cant be a digital illiterate

We already talked about what it means to be digitally skilled. So how do you know if you are digitally skilled already? It’s simple. If you possess ‘the ability to find, evaluate, utilise, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet, you are halfway there.

Why halfway there though and not a 100%? I will tell you why!

I am sure you have heard it said somewhere before that we live in an information age and there is information overload. Well, to a higher extent, this certainly holds through, the information overload that is. So how do you get close to being a 100%? Again, the answer to that is very simple.

You have to be a master at retrieving useful, accurate and actionable information, otherwise you are going to waste a lot of time roaming the world wide web for answers. This is what the How Do You Tech organisation seeks to address. To prevent every individual from going deep down into a rabbit hole every time they seek knowledge.

Here are two reasons why you cannot afford to be a digital illiterate.

  • Organisations are evolving digitally – Some years ago, after we graduate from high school, our parents typically send us to a secretarial school where we learn how to type on a typewriter. Today, chances are high that you end up in a computer school. Also every job description today will read, ‘must be computer literate’, so really no one can afford to remain an illiterate digital wise.
  • Starting a business/career/side-hustle – Whether you will work in an organisation or run your own business, or build a career, you need to be digital illiterate. Today, your employers will ask to see your portfolio online. Your customers will ask to see samples or pictures of your work. To let people know about that your side hustle, you need to broadcast it online, you get more reach by so doing.

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