How the internet works - a one month digital skills workshop at Uwani Hub in Ijebu-Imusin

How The Internet Works!

Registration for classes to begin January 2020 will be announced soon. Each workshop runs for a total of 8 hours in a one week duration.

Weekday classes run every Monday to Thursday from 3.00pm – 5.00pm for one full week duration!

Weekend classes run on Sundays only from 3.30 – 5.30 pm for a one month duration!

This is a one week / month digital skills workshop that will take place every month from January – November 2020. You can only join a new class at the beginning of every new month starting in January.

Certificate of participation will only be awarded to those who do not miss any class during the duration of their workshop.

What we will learn!

Basic Digital Skills

  • Introduction to Computers and the Internet
  • Learning how to retrieve information and communicate over the internet
  • Learning how to use the internet to present, share and sell your services
  • Learning how to solve your problems using the internet
  • Learning how to stay safe on the internet and not break any rules

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