Equip a Teen from a Low Income Household with a Tablet & Internet Access

95% of the teenagers who come to our village hub have little or no access to the web or a smart device in their homes.

These teens are mostly from Low Income Households and they attend Public Schools in our area. Covid is making it more difficult for these teens are they are cut out from being able to key into eLearning in these times. Surviving on daily trade is hard enough for these parents / guardians, and considering the Lockdown period we are in, been able to purchase one smartphone is harder. Add to that the cost of subscribing to Internet Data, and buying Petrol (aka Gas) to fuel a generator, just to keep Electricity on everyday.

At the Hub, we have approached connecting with these teens using a one on one approach, but now we have been closed for over two months and the thought of these Teens staying unconnected possibly through the end of this year is frightening. City schools have moved their classes online using a combination of apps and virtual softwares. Our village schools are not all so fortunate to keep up with the times.

This is why I am running this campaign, for every Teen we can connect and equip with an e-Learning tablet / Subscription this year, we would be helping to bridge the gap for those who ordinarily do not have access to the web or its technologies.

We would be starting with 40 teenagers and our goal is to raise $11200 before Summer.

– One 10 inch 2gb RAM, 16gb ROM tablet costs $205
– MTN Sim and 10gb Data for the next three months costs $75
Total Per Teen =  $280

Tablet use for learning will be closely monitored by our team and parents will be requested to sign a commitment form ensuring tablet is not damaged and the ward does not mis-use the device.

Can you help us? Support and spread the word please. Thank you.

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