Stellamaris at the bootcamp by Uwani Hub

StellaMaris; My Experience at the TechLady BootCamp 2019

Hey lovely readers! Yours sincerely went to Tech Lady Bootcamp hosted at Uwani hub in Ogun State and it has been ever so benevolent to share my experience with you! So if you’ve ever wondered what happens at a Tech Lady BootCamp, here’s a little experience – enjoy!

– Stellamaris

It was a thing of great privilege for me to attend the Tech lady bootcamp 2019 which took place in the Uwani Hub at Ogun State, in the little town of ijebu Imushin, the origin of the Yoruba people. Tech lady boot camp 2019 is a Tech training organized for Female youths, students and graduates alike, where individuals are trained to pick up skills on Tech Such as programming, web developing, Website designing, graphic design, leadership and diplomatic tactics, sharpening already existent ones.

It exposes one to information which one didn’t believe existed. I, for one can attest to that. It has broadened my knowledge on a lot of things I never knew existed even in this age of technology. My information radar has been expanded. It was a 5-day bootcamp in which fun, educative activities were organized in order for the participants to maximize the full benefits it offered.

It involved attendance by speakers during practical sessions. Participants were also grouped into teams to develop ideas to address major global issues. Upon Graphic design session, I was given an assignment to work on, which frightened me initially because I wasn’t used to working on graphic designing along that line. I had a little bit of trouble designing with the App I was taught to use which make me feel unhappy.

Working on my assignment

But, hey, I reminded myself that before I will think of quitting I should try more harder and I should avail myself an opportunity to learn outside the school environment. I’m thankful I heeded that voice of encouragement. I can say that my information radar has been expanded.

Tae Yoo wrote something about opportunities, and I quote, “Together, we have the power to inspire, connect, and deliver on new opportunities and rich experiences that can open doors to innovation and progress while growing global economies and increasing well-being”.

If there was anything to take home from this boot camp, it was that I had a great deal of work to do in preparing myself and positioning myself to be ready to grasp what I learn from 2019 Tech lady boot camp to make impact on a global scale. MY take home message to everyone is to utilise every opportunity . This experience is all too surreal for me. How can I recover?

I must commend the organizers of this great bootcamp who painstakingly worked behind the scenes to ensure that Tech lady boot camp ’19 was a success, a story that lives on the minds of individuals. I know the next edition would be definitely better.

We are all agents of change. Let’s in our own little way and tiny corner begin to put into the action the various lessons learnt as we remember “together, we have the power”. This is our own little step which would push us out there, leapfrogging into opportunities waiting out there for youths.

My second take home message to everyone is to learn skills, relearn skills and never get tired of learning skills.

To all the beautiful and intelligent ladies I met through this bootcamp, our meeting was dangerously in order orchestrated by divinity. It has been my pleasure meeting you.

I pray the bond of our friendship continues to wax stronger.

To all the facilators, I say thank you .

To my audience, thank you for having a good read.

Hope you enjoyed the post.


Nwede Chiamaka Stellamaris

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