Saydat, My Experience During the Coding Camp

I am Saidat, an SS student of a Catholic secondary school in Ijebu-Ode. I live with my parents in Ijebu-Ode as well. After my third term examination in July, I was thinking of resuming for our normal holiday summer coaching lesson at school, not until my cousin changed that.

On a windy evening my dad sent for me and told about this wonderful teenagers coding camp, which my cousin has earlier informed him of. Then my daddy asked me, am I camping or will I be going daily, I told him will be going daily so that I could help my mummy with some house chores.

I got to the coding summer camp on Thursday at 9:00 am, I met my cousin waiting for me outside the gate, then he showed me to the hub, I go into the hub and I see up to ten teens sitting and a woman. She was the one teaching the class that morning, unknowingly I didn’t know that she is also my cousins’ boss, because she is young,

I thought she was a staff but my cousin told me that she is the founder of How Do You Tech. I was so surprised seeing a woman, heading a big organisation.

I was also happy because I saw someone organising and sponsoring a free coding camp in this country, it’s rare. And together with that, we were given free lunch and you will eat to your satisfaction.

This is a good thing in our country, sponsoring a free coding camp. We were introduced to coding, learnt how to code on a PC, also using a game on the internet. I came to understand that learning computer nowadays computer is important, even if you want to become a lawyer.

I also learnt that the internet can be useful to all, even if you are a tailor searching for a style to design or sew a dress for a customer.

Now I am good at typing, creating an email for myself, I can search on the internet for information. I want to be a soldier, I did not think I needed the internet before, but now I know that I can use it to communicate with others.

I also learnt about python, a coding language. At first when I heard the word ‘python’, I thought it was a snake. But now I know that python is a programming language and the easiest language to learn on programming. So you can see that I gained a lot of things by coming to this camp.

We had to show up on Sunday too and I thought we were just going to play a game but surprisingly, it was outing day, and we visited the Yemoji Natural Pool Resort. It is a natural swimming pool because the water comes from a river. On our way going, I saw a big company and I asked what they do, Aunty Mary told me that it is the Nigerian Breweries formerly belonging to 33, the beer maker.

On getting to Yemoji Natural Pool Resort, we met a grandpa at the gate, I think he should be the gatekeeper because the gate was open by him. When I entered the resort, it was a beautiful garden and I was amazed. Some people where in the water swimming, I went straight to change into my swimming trunk and I fly into the river.

I love swimming but it is not my hobby, others came to join me and we swam together. It was so interesting, we came out of the river to take our snacks and enjoy ourselves after one hour and we went back to the river to enjoy our swimming. Aunty Mary’s brother came to pick us up at 5:30 pm, and we all departed to our various houses afterwards.

I say a big thank you to all the people who made this event happen, I pray God should reward them with good health and more wisdom, Insha Allah.

14 thoughts on “Saydat, My Experience During the Coding Camp”

  1. Young Soldier at heart.
    I will likely tell you that your desire to study python programing language will set you apart from the crowd . Your depth of reasoning and solving problems in a variety of scenerios will give you no small advantage. .
    Wait until you get to django you will thank your teacher and then with a heart of gold also sponsor a summer camp when the time has come.
    One of the greatest gift you can give to another human and yourself as you grow in the programing world , is to pour your heart and selflessly seek to make others better at what you do and teach. Keep on your track.
    print ( You are doing well )
    a= saydat
    d =well
    print (a+b+c+d)

    Find the error in the above program

  2. Hi, Saydat, thank you for sharing your experiences, I loved reading your essay! My name is Caspar, I’m from Germany, and as I mentioned in my comment on Susan’s post, I’d love to learn Python myself – perhaps at the next coding summer camp? We’ll see. 😊

    When you described how you felt surprised seeing a woman leading an big organisation of her own, it made me think of my own experiences with leaders throughout my career (I am 44 years old). Some of them were men and some women. My current manager at the company I work at, for example, is a woman. She is super smart and strong and capable (of course she is, otherwise she wouldn’t be a manager) and I enjoy working with her a lot. She is also much younger than I am, but I would be a fool to mind because she is such an amazing leader and always has the right answers. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, reading your story made me glad and I hope more young girls are going to follow your example, learn how to code, and help to make the internet a better place for everyone in the future.

    Thanks again for sharing your report, and best of luck to you!

  3. Adedayo Adeniyi

    Well done Saidat!
    You did a great job describing the events at summer camp. I could almost hear the water splash as you flew into the pool 🙂
    Technology is a tool for every sector, even the army, and I am glad you liked it.
    I see you like Mary (we all love her), and I hope that like her you also give back to young girls when you get older.
    Keep practicing what you learned dear and remain cool!

  4. What a fantastic experience, and thank you for sharing your story, Saidat! You’re absolutely right… Mary Job is an inspiration to all of us, and I’m happy you had this opportunity, thanks to her hard work. As you continue to study new skills, you will open doors for yourself, as well as others who will follow in your footsteps. Never stop learning! 🙂

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