Prisca in her Church outfit during the Uwani Hub summer camp

Prisca, My Summer Class Experiences


It was a very beautiful day on Wednesday 14th august 2019, a journey I was not prepared for. My mum told my brother he was going for a coding summer camp and I wanted to go with him. We were going to Ogun State and I had never been to that state. I took the challenge to make the journey and told myself I would learn from the summer camp.

I took the challenge so that when I get back home, I will be able to give account of what I have done and learnt to my parents. So this is my experience at the Uwani Hub Coding Summer Camp.

My experience started when I left the house with my dad from Ibadan to Ijebu. Ibadan is on Oyo State, and Ijebu is in Ogun State. It was just like an excursion while we were going, I saw different places, people, towns, etc. It was an hour and a half journey to get to the venue of the summer camp. It was a stressful journey but all thanks to God we made it to the camp.

When we got there our coordinator took both my Daddy, Brother and I to the hub where my daddy filled and signed our consent forms. We bade our Daddy goodbye. Our coordinator took us both to different hostels but to my surprise I was the only girl that had arrived that day. Later in the day, two other girls arrived and I didn’t feel lonely again. I however felt pity for my brother because he was the only boy.

Then I asked myself a question, a camp is supposed to be more than twenty (20) teenagers. I later discovered that this was the first time Uwani Hub is organising this camp and their aim was to teach teenagers how to operate a computer online, open a website and different other things computer can be used for.

The camp took place for two weeks and those days will always be memorable. I don’t pray to forget it. I learnt how to use to play a Python game, and what websites are. The camp was not just learning alone, we had fun too. The fun we had was in playing games, dancing and engaging in different types of body exercises.

To the Glory of God, I am glad and happy that we finished this beautiful and wonderful camp. To my honourable coordinator, Ms Mary, I say thanks for the opportunity to be among the first set to attend this camp.

Thank you and I hope to attend the next years’ summer camp.

7 thoughts on “Prisca, My Summer Class Experiences”

  1. Hello, Prisca, this is Caspar from Germany (Europe). I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your report a lot! Going on a journey to a new state for the first time sounds exciting, and although you mention it was stressful, your essay also sounds like your whole summer camp experience was worth it.

    I’m glad to read you learnt about websites. They are a powerful tool that, when built and used properly, can do a lot of good for people’s lives. However, they can also be used in harmful ways, so it’s important to learn about the differences. I’m excited to read about all the things Mary and the other tutors taught you, because we need young people to understand and help us improve the world wide web.

    I hope you keep at it and enjoy learning more about making websites in the future. Thank you again for your report, and best of luck!

  2. How amazing!
    Glad your family was illuminated and had you and your brother attend this event.
    Learning is growing, it will equip you with the most important skill in life.
    God bless you all and praise of the organizers and the teachers for sharing their knowledge and offering this experience.
    Hugs from Italy!

  3. I am glad you said it was not a journey you prepared for – this is exactly how great people are pushed by Divine hands into learning that skill sets that will help them stand out some day in life. Like you I was never prepared. I was always scared of starting. I am Glad I never stopped on my track. You inspire me . You inspire others as well . Learn all you can about Python and build something with it . You will be glad you did

  4. Hello, from Los Angeles!
    Thanks for sharing your story, Prisca. I hope this camp will be the first of many such experiences for you, and that you will continue to learn and be inspired by what you can do with technology! Learning these skills will take you wherever you want to go in life. I myself have a career thanks to WordPress 🙂
    I have never met Mary in real life, but thanks to the magic of the internet, I met her over video chat, and found out about the camp and all your stories, from Twitter. I know she must have been a really inspiring and excellent instructor!
    Congrats on your first coding camp, and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do 🙂

  5. Adedayo Adeniyi

    I’m glad you decided to join your brother on this journey, and I hope you treasure the experience for a long time to come. Uwani Hub was created to give the youth foundational knowledge in technology. I am sure your father will soon begin to reap the fruits when you guys start making an impact.
    Keep practicing. Build your own games (yes you can!) and spread the word about the camp. All the best!

  6. Thank you for sharing your story, Prisca. What an incredible opportunity, to be among the first to experience coding camp, thanks to Mary Jobs and her team. It sounds like you have already learned so much in just two weeks! May you continue to learn and explore, so you can create amazing things using this technology that will go on to inspire many others. Never stop learning! 🙂

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