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Adebimpe, My First Coding Summer Camp Experience

I am Adebimpe, an SS student in a Catholic school in Ijebu-Ode. I school and live with my parents at Ijebu ode. My first coding camp experience was a wow and i’m so glad that I have this wonderful opportunity to share with everyone my experience.

On the first day I learnt what a computer is from the scratch, the major functions of a computer, what the internet is, the top ten uses of the internet, what an email address is, why i need one, how to stay safe on the internet and on a computer and how to search for information online.

Afterwards I was taught what coding is, the type of language the computer understands which is called Machine Language, we were also taught what a programming language is, what computer programming is, what we call people who code, types of coding languages which are Java, Python, Ruby, C# and many others, also learnt that we can build platforms such as websites, visual design, blogs, applications.

We played a game on where I gave instructions to my hero, this game taught me few things on coding with python. We were taught what data types are and what variables names are, and today we were introduced to wordpress so we can publish our stories. We learnt the difference between and

I really got to learn a lot and make new friends, in conclusion the coding summer camp was really interesting, and I say a big thanks to the instructors and organizers for this coding camp.

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  1. How awesome to read your story, Adebimpe. Learning is THE most powerful activity a human can do!
    Keep it up! I promise you it’s worth all the effort.
    A big hug from Italy!

  2. The Training on how to stay safe on the internet will likely be your greatest tool to protect yourself.
    It is the same training that has helped me for years as I dig deeper into the programing world . When you learn the right tools to work efficiently , you must also learn what it takes to prevent people from turning such tools into weapons online to steal data and personal information. Finally as Side Note. Ensure that your password us not a word. Add nunbers add characters . Make it strong anf never use your date of Birth or family members name as password. .
    I see you do great things in life

  3. Hi, Adebimpe, your essay was pleasure to read – particularly the part when you say you learnt about the difference between and made me glad.

    The curriculum of the camp, as you and others on this blog have described it, sounds really amazing. I have to admit, while I do have a career in tech, I only have very limited knowledge about how a computer actually works, or about programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, and C#. (I do know how to play in the key of C# on the piano, although I find it rather complicated and prefer other keys, like C, F, B♭, or E♭.)

    It’s also great to hear you made new friends at the coding camp! If you ask me, that’s what the internet is all about. 😄 I met a lot of people I call friends today – including your camp organiser Mary! – by getting involved with open source software like WordPress and through its conferences (WordCamps).

    Thank you again for sharing your experiences, and best of luck for your future learning!

  4. Adedayo Adeniyi

    I am happy you got this training in SS class Adebimpe because I know how far I would have gone if I had that opportunity.
    I see you took advantage of it – keep practicing your knowledge and stay safe on the internet. The sky is your starting point dear.

  5. Hello Adebimpe, it’s great you had a great experience at the camp. I see you learned a lot too and that’s inspiring. All the best!

  6. Wow, what a fantastic start, Adebimpe! You’ve already learned so much after just your first coding camp. Just imagine how far you will go as you continue to study. Keep up the great work, and never stop learning! 🙂

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