Michelle at the Uwani Hub Coding Summer Camp for Teenagers

Michelle, My First Coding Summer Camp Story

My name is Michelle, I am a girl, I am eleven (11) year old. I live Ijebu-Imusin. I school in Ijebu-Ode. I want to talk about this summer camp. The name of this summer camp is teenagers coding summer camp.

It was created by Mary Job. I think she is between the age grade of 30 to 40 year old. She is a good, nice and caring person. She is a Community Manager of this camp and she has worked in different places.

I also want to mention our other teachers at the camp. Their names are Mr. Dotun, a community manager here. and also Mr. Greek Tutor.

At this summer camp we were taught different things like what a computer is, what coding is, what internet is, how to stay safe on the internet and how to type on a computer.

We were seven (7) children (teenagers too) at this camp. I hope we will be more next year so that I can learn more with new friends. What I like about the camp is that it is free, my mom did not have to pay, we were camped in a hostel, we were treated very well, and our teachers were very kind to us.

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  1. You spelt my name wrongly, other than that, thank you for following through the lesson.

    I hope you continue to grow and learn.


    1. And i thank you for teaching me and may god continue to help you as you are teach other children as a tutor.

  2. Choiiii that age grade I only see 40 years old o, I am not close to that yet now..🥺Michelle, you were very attentive through out the camp and i admire you for that. Together, we can and we will.

  3. Did you just say 11 years.
    At that age I did not even know what a computer is or what it was used for . The only access to another life was the Panasonic TV that had 4 legs in the living room back in the barracks.
    At 11 you can do what a programmer does leaves me with hope that you have defilled all odd.
    Starting at such age is indeed admirable.
    Let nothing stand in your way . We believe in you .
    I am waiting to see your first app which you will build in the future. I intend to support the development of the app when you start. See you then

  4. Well done Michelle.
    If you enjoy coding you will have a happy and fun life.

    I met Mary in Cape Town, South Africa. She gave a talk about how learning to code has changed her life.

    It has changed mine too and I hope it helps you too!

    Maybe you will travel one day and share what you have learned.

    It is how we all grow!

    Stephen, South Africa.

    1. Great work Michelle, you have a long way to go and having experienced and passionate tutors like Mary and Sodiq shows you’re having a great start.

  5. Hi Michelle, my name is Topher. I live in America. I just read your story to my whole family and it made us very happy. You are right, Mary Job is a wonderful person. I hope I hear more of your story in the future.

  6. Michelle nice one. Interesting to know you like you have been taught also I will advise you keep learning and don’t wait till next year to keep learning. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

  7. Kids are the future of this world. And seeing a kid naming her teachers is heartwarming. ❤️

    Hope computers and coding opens up a lot of possibilities for you which you don’t see it but you will see soon. Education and a kind heart are the biggest strength in this world.

    Hope you bring more magic to the world, Michelle.

  8. Hi Michelle! I hope you had a great time at code camp and I hope you keep at blogging and coding. We need more smart girls like you in the field! You are the future of WordPress!

  9. I’m glad you had a good experience! Computers are very powerful, you can learn anything, make anything and meet anyone. I really hope you continue learning, don’t let coding scare you! It is difficult but so are all new things. If you don’t like coding just know there is tons of other things you can do on a computer also. Good luck!

  10. Hello Michelle,
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story. I’m from Sri Lanka and this story was very inspiring. Happy for you and your friends.

    Thanks Mary, for all the wonderful work you do!

  11. Hi Michelle,
    Reading this made me so happy! I am very glad you were able to attend this camp. Mary Job is a wonderful person to create this opportunity for you and your classmates. I hope you will be able to attend next time and I look forward to seeing what new things you will learn! Congratulations,

  12. Uncle Michael Briggs

    Great job Michelle. I can see you learned and also had fun. That’s exactly how a camp should be.
    Keep coding. Never stop.

  13. Hi. Michelle, my name is Caspar, I am from Germany in Europe. Reading your essay made me very happy and gives me a lot of hope for an even better internet in the future, improved and lead by girls like yourself, women like Mary Job, and people like your other tutors at the camp. Keep learning!

    1. Oops, I made a typo, there shouldn’t be a full stop after ‘Hi’. See, when you’ve learned a bit more about WordPress at a future camp, perhaps you can invent something that lets me edit my comment, so I can erase my typo. 😊

  14. Adedayo Adeniyi

    Well done Michelle!
    I am glad that the camp has done so much for you. I hope you won’t stop learning about technology, and grow to be a bigger force for other girls in your city.
    God bless your tutors too – taking time out to train kids, for free, is a big sacrifice.

  15. Wow, Michelle! I didn’t start coding until I was almost 40. You have so many great opportunities us old coders didn’t have — and there are such fun new things to learn still ahead of you. I wish you success in all your studies to come.

  16. Ivan Olayinka Job

    Wow, No knowledge is loss. Great write up by Michelle. Wish you the very best in all endeavour and at the camp

  17. Wow, Michelle. Reading your story brought a smile to my face. So grateful you were able to have this wonderful opportunity, thanks to Mary Job and the other teachers. You’re on your way, and I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you in the future. Never stop learning!

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