My Summer Camp Experience – Prisca

My name is Prisca, and I have previously attended two summer camps at Uwani Hub. I was informed a long time ago I had made adequate preparations and plannings for the summer camp. The summer camp was fun and exciting because I learned various things I never had ideas of and was also able to acquire skills that are not tech-related. 

Upon arrival on a Sunday morning, I was excited to meet new campers and some from the past year. Previous camps were based on coding and WordPress. This year was different because we learnt several vocational skills, created a website and networking.

Previously I couldn’t socialise properly with people and preferred staying to myself. Olamide Yelo was able to make me understand the importance of networking with people. After her sessions, I was able to relate properly and became friends with others.

Before this camp, I had a passion for fashion designing but had no idea how to go about it, but today I can confidently say I measure, cut and sow due to the lessons I got from Miss Kemi.

I was exposed to different vocational skills, which could help us in the future because in our country today, about 90% of the citizen of the country feed for themselves through vocational skills.

I also learnt how to customise shirts and make natural perfumes, candles and some other organics. I was enlightened on the dangers of chemicals in body creams, spice in food and the things consumed in our daily life.

Daydah, who tutored us on organics, made us understand that most things we use in our lives are natural ways of making them, which will have no side effects. She also taught us that organics could be made in our house without using chemicals that are harmful to the body.

Image of Scented candle and solid perfume

Mr kola taught the basics of electrical engineering and designed an extension box as a practical. I learnt Photography from Cipet Imaging, Videography from Mr Sam. I also acquired knowledge on creating websites from Mr Christain and local installation of WordPress from Geektutor and learnt about designing the website and blogging from Mr Adedotun.

My two-week stay at Uwani hub was definitely my time’s worth and is a memorable experience. To everyone, Mary, the team and sponsors, you made it fantabulous; I say a big Thank you.

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